Who We Are

nighttime campground with milky way

Desert Overland Supply (DOS) was founded by two childhood friends, Preston and Leo. With the Angeles, San Bernardino, and Los Padres National Forests in their backyards, adventure-seeking in the outdoors was always a way of life. As they grew older and life carried them apart, they would make an effort to regularly return home and revisit the outdoors they grew up with.

                Preston found himself post-college in Corporate Recruiting. Between the draining business trips, career fairs, meetings, and interviews, it became necessary to recharge himself on frequent outdoors trips. Curious peers asked to join, but many uninitiated newcomers wound up uncomfortable and stressed, scared off by Mother Nature. This is when Preston began conceiving ideas to help new campers enjoy the outdoors as easily as possible.

                Formally trained as an architect, Leo has designed and built numerous custom residences throughout Southern California. Leo sees campsites as an exercise in temporary architecture. Tents could provide more than just the bare minimum in shelter. Just like good buildings, a good base camp should not only function well, but also provide comfort and complement the environment it’s designed for.

                DOS was created with the belief that nature can and should be responsibly enjoyed by all. With our base camp setups, we equip adventurers young and old to embark on extended journeys into the unfamiliar. Over the years, we have introduced countless newcomers to responsibly explore and preserve the areas we venture.

                We hope you enjoy the journey with us!